यस पेजमा प्रकाशित कुनैपनि सामाग्रीहरु प्रकाशकको अनुमति बिना पूर्ण वा आंसिक प्रति कपि गर्न, वा अन्य कुनै पेजमा प्रकाशित गर्न पाइने छैन । यदि कोही कसैले त्यसो गरेको पाईएमा त्यो प्रतिलिपि अधिकार विरुद्द हुनेछ र कानुनतः दण्डनिय हुनेछ ।

Monday, August 20, 2012

Lwang Ghalel (L.G.) is good for tourists

Tourists can enjoy by visiting different amazing places in Lwang Ghalel. The scene of Pokhara Valley, Mardi river, Idi river Tea garden Lwang, Cucumber farm Koleli and other tipical cultures of Lwang Ghalel.  Lwang ghalel v.d.c is 20-30 km north west face from pokhara. It is in the Kaski district. The v.d.c is directly touched by the roadways (pitched & grabbled) the mardi river flows from the v.d.c which fed drinking water for the entire pokhara valley. there the geographical status somewhere is plain but most of the part is steepy. Mainly Brahmin ,Chhetri, Gurung, Blacksmith, Tamang, Newar people stay here so that visitors can get verity of the culture & hot hospitality. Main occupation of the people is traditional farming, foreign employment, governmental services, cutting stone industries job &some of them in tourism also. There is a hydropower in the Mardi river. In each year the youth clubs and the mother group held the festivals where visitor can see the verities of the culture. in the v.d.c visitor can see many Temples, Buddist stupa and the monastery ,barahah &deurali also.most of the pathway in the v.d.c are paved by stone & wholly signposted also.settlement are somewhere scattered and somewhere agglomented in the traditional architect. Watermills are still grinding crops.

Lwang lwang is famous for the organic tea garden where is a tea industry also . Tea which is produced those are all export to abroad. Settlement are agglomented & typical. Annapurna conservation Area Project’s branch office is located in the Lwang village. there is a proper management of the home stay and the hotel also available in Lwang Village. Visitor also can enter in the mardi himal trek.

Koleli is also the beautiful village where is around 85 household and 500 people stay there mainly Brahmin people live there. Peoples occupation is as well as the other farming, foreign employ etc The place is very rich in nature and culture. In the mount Annapurna South, Himchuli (Hiunchuli) Machhapuchhre (Fishtail), Mardi Himal can be seen from Koleli Village. All the jungle area also can be seen. In the accommodation general homestay is available but mostly the camping is better. The primary school is also there in Koleli. The most important thing is Koleli is very famous and important for organic agricultural seed farming of Cucumber, Bean, Amriso, Alaichi as well as other vegetables.

Ghalel is also the typical but rich nature village.where you can get hot hospitality with the varities of the culture. There mostly Gurung and the blacksmith people also stay there. They celebrate the Lhosar (New Year festival) there in the January. There is also probability of the home stay. Many temples and the Buddhist monastery are the main attraction of this village.

Tourist can enjoy trek to Lwang Ghalel (L.G.). Lumre, Khoramukh, Idikhola, Dhikla, Tori, Kuibang, Kalimati, Sidhing, Imu, Takra, Prundhu, Siu, Taruwa, Falamkhani, Sakhu, Olche, Thati are another beautiful villages of Lwang Ghalel.

Some pictures related to Lwang Ghalel.


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