यस पेजमा प्रकाशित कुनैपनि सामाग्रीहरु प्रकाशकको अनुमति बिना पूर्ण वा आंसिक प्रति कपि गर्न, वा अन्य कुनै पेजमा प्रकाशित गर्न पाइने छैन । यदि कोही कसैले त्यसो गरेको पाईएमा त्यो प्रतिलिपि अधिकार विरुद्द हुनेछ र कानुनतः दण्डनिय हुनेछ ।

Friday, August 31, 2012

How to hack an email or a website?

Many people are searching for hacking tips now days. Hacking an email or a website is not a big deal. But if you have to get some tips and tricks for it. First of all you have to think why to hack an email or a website before hacking. I have some suggestions for you. People are spending time and money to hack other websites. Before think to hack other's passwords, you have to be safe to be your email and websites hacked. You have to create / put strong passwords which containing alphabets, numbers and special characters. Keep unique security question and keep it secretly. Don't sign up untrusted sites so that they can not get your information, Do not accept all of facebook applications. All facebook applications are not safe and some might be harmful for your account. Keep different passwords for different accounts and keep them in your memory. My other very important suggestion for you is please don't think about hacking others email and websites because it's not a good job. Other is hacking email and website is a crime, police may caught and put you in a jail. Be always positive... Come to Nepal, there are so many beautiful places to visit, be fresh and energetic.

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